Garissa University College (GUC) was a thriving university in Kenya. Filled with bright young minds from around country all learning in a diverse environment and with great plans for the future. That all changed on 2 April, when gunmen stormed the university.

The attackers were from al-Shabaab, a jihadist terrorist group from Somalia. They separated out Christian students from Muslim students, asking each one to recite the Koran, and if they didn’t, they were shot dead. In the attack 147 Christian students were killed with around 70 more injured.

Israel knows first-hand the horrors of terrorism and it is an Israeli organisation, IsrAID, which is helping bring assistance to our Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya.

IsraAID is working with the Red Cross and the Kenyan government to provide post-trauma training and treatment to help the affected community cope with their grief. In a recent interview with The Jerusalem Post, IsraAID founder Sachar Zahavi said, “We’re basing it off the Israeli model.”

“The short term goal is to deal with the trauma,” says Zahavi, “The long term goal is to have a group of Kenyan professionals who are able to respond to such emergencies and crises in the future.”

Israel has proven time and time again that it is there to help others during their time of crisis. From the earthquake in Haiti to the typhoon in the Philippines, Israel is at the forefront, bringing much needed help to the afflicted regions.

Now, at a time when our Christian brothers and sisters are in need, it is an Israeli organisation that is there to help. As we stand united for Israel, it is encouraging to see Israelis coming to the aid of Christians. It is acts like these that show our unity.

Thank you to our Israeli friends for coming to the aid of Christians in Kenya. We continue to pray for the victims and their families and may God’s hand of protection be upon suffering Christians around the world in these challenging times.