With Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday, we rededicate ourselves to the message, ‘Never Again’. This must not be just a slogan – we must embrace it with meaningful action. Here are some ways we can introduce this resolve into our prayer:

Pray that we will take responsibility to be witness carriers of all the atrocities we have seen and heard about the Holocaust, making sure that the memory of the victims is not forsaken. Pray for Holocaust survivors at this time. Pray that the next generation will never forget the Holocaust, and continue to recognise and understand the evil that caused it. Pray against Holocaust denial – this denial is primarily a rejection of truth that is motivated by antisemitism. Pray that we will be courageous in speaking out against antisemitim today. Pray that we will be sensitive to how to pray for the needs of the Jewish community in this country. Pray that more Christians will understand the Biblical reasons to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, and reject the dangerous influences of replacement theology.

‘Never Again’ means standing with Israel; on 7th October, the Jewish people experienced the largest massacre since the Holocaust. The same evil perpetrated by the Nazis is easily identifiable among the enemies of Israel today – 7th October proved this. Pray for Israel as it hurts following this tragedy. Pray for those fighting to defend Israel – ensuring that the Holocaust is never repeated. Pray for the families of IDF soldiers who have been killed in battle. Pray for the Israeli citizens – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children – who are still held captive in Gaza. And let us remember to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.