Pray for Israel’s continued operation in Gaza. Almost every Western leader has warned Israel not to enter the last stronghold of Hamas. Let us not forget that Israel is only targeting Hamas terrorists. At least half of the reported casualties in Gaza are terrorists, but the world’s media chooses to believe the lies of Hamas. We pray for genuine Palestinian civilians. Hamas wants them to remain in Rafah where they will be human shields, but Israel has made preparations for civilians in Rafah to evacuate. Why is the West so keen to keep Hamas from being completely annihilated by Israel? We need to continue to pray.

We praise the Lord for the rescue of two hostages and for the bravery and expertise of the IDF. Rescuing the hostages is not an easy task – it seems they are being held captive in both terror tunnels or in civilian homes. We must continue to pray that all remaining hostages will be saved.

Pray for the families of those men and women who are serving in the IDF. There have been 233 IDF soldiers killed in combat since Israel’s ground offensive.

Pray for the situation at Israel’s northern border. Israel has carried out airstrikes in Lebanon targeting military sites belonging to the Hezbollah terror group. The strikes came in response to a barrage of rockets fired into northern Israel, which resulted in several Israeli casualties and the killing of a 20-year-old female IDF soldier. There is high potential for the situation on the northern border to escalate. Let us remain watchful in praying for Israel.

Pray for the Jewish community in Britain. Antisemitism figures from 2023 released this week show the highest ever record of antisemitic incidents and double the previous highest annual figure of 2021. The figures show a surge of antisemitism since 7th October, with the highest peak in the immediate aftermath of the Hamas massacre of Israel, and before Israel’s ground offensive had begun. The report also gives insight into the fears among the Jewish community at this time, especially when commuting from school and synagogue. Let us remain committed to praying for Jews in this country and against the evil of antisemitism.

Thank you for praying with us this week.

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