This is the CUFI UK Prayer for 1st December 2023:

– Pray for the hostages who were released by Hamas. Each one of these innocent men, women and children have gone through incredible trauma at the hands of terrorists. They need healing mentally and physically and it will take time. Let’s pray they rediscover a sense of normality as they settle into life free from Hamas.

– We continue to pray for the hostages still held by Hamas. These precious people are the victims of an ongoing war crime. They likely do not know how long they have been in captivity or that some of their friends have been freed. Let’s hold them in our prayers that God will sustain them and bring them to freedom soon.

– Pray for the IDF as they continue their efforts against Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. Pray that they will be able to locate and free the hostages. Pray for protection over the soldiers. Let’s also pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they wage war with terror.

– Pray for the Jewish community in the UK. When a local council cancels Hanukkah celebrations because of fear of attack, it shows there is a real problem in our country. Jews must be able to live their lives without fear in Britain and the government and councils must do more to counter antisemitism.

– Pray for the Christians in the West who are having their Christmas celebrations attacked by anti-Israel protesters. Pray that people will wake up to the reality that those who hate Israel also hate the West and those who hate the Jews also hate Christians. Jews and Christians are united by the God of Israel, so it is no wonder the enemies of Israel hate us both. Let’s pray for Christians to boldly stand up for Israel and our Judeo-Christian values in our nation.

– Pray for CUFI’s latest campaign highlighting the anti-Israel bias of the BBC. The propaganda war is in full effect and British media outlets are guilty of spreading Hamas lies while casting doubts on Israel’s facts. Pray that CUFI’s latest campaign will be a success and that many Christians will stand with us in this cause. Pray the BBC changes its ways.

Thank you for praying with us this week as we defend Israel and the Jewish people. They need our support now more than ever.