The following prayer points are to assist you as you pray. For the stories behind these prayer points, please view the CUFI Weekly News Round-up, by clicking here.

May God bless you as you pray.

  • Praise the Lord for the clear message given by Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Praise the Lord that the Israeli PM quoted and referred to the Bible on several occasions. Pray that his words will be retained by world leaders, especially those representing countries that have shown antagonism towards Israel.
  • Praise the Lord that President Trump gave very clear support for Israel in his speech as well as opposition to the threat posed by Iran, ISIS and North Korea.
  • Pray that both of these men will be blessed and protected in their leadership roles.
  • Pray for Israel’s enemies. Pray especially for the escalating tensions between the US/West and North Korea. Pray also that more nations will speak out against the increasing threat from Iran and recognise the concerns raised by Israel regarding the presence of Hezbollah in Syria.
  • Pray for the Jewish community this New Year. Pray that the year ahead will be both ‘happy and sweet’ for both Jews in Israel and here in the UK.
  • Pray for all those affected by the devastating earthquake in Mexico this week. Also for Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Let’s also not forget Florida and Texas following hurricanes there.
  • Praise the Lord that Israel has been able to send search and rescue teams to Mexico City providing much needed assistance. Praise the Lord that, despite the sad circumstances, once again Israel is a ‘light to the nations’.
And “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”