This week, the world’s media has been largely silent as Hamas security forces have brutally cracked down on Palestinian protests in Gaza. A complete contrast to when Israel deals with terrorism in the Gaza Strip.

There is a big difference in the way the media covers stories in Gaza. CAMERA, which monitors anti-Israel bias in the media have said they were not aware of a single British media outlet reporting on the protests as of this morning.

It seems that if Israel isn’t to blame for the plight of Palestinians, no one will report on it. As one commentator said, “No Jews, no news”.

What is happening in Gaza?

This week, Gazans have taken to the streets to peacefully protest against the rulers of the Gaza strip for rising prices, the lack of electricity and also cooking oil. Thousands of protesters have taken part in the demonstrations and more than 400 protesters have been arrested.

One thing you’ll notice is how those protesting are not donning terrorist garb or armed with any weapons. Unlike the violent protests on Israel’s border, these are peaceful protests in the real sense of the word. These people are exacerbated and want answers. They want to know why their rulers are living lavish lifestyles while they are struggling.

It should be noted that the protesters are not necessarily calling for an end to Hamas as some have suggested. Many are calling for Hamas and Fatah (the Palestinian Authority) to reunite and fix their problems. The majority of Palestinians will still blame Israel for their problems, but many also understand that Hamas is a primary cause of their problems and Hamas has the ability to fix those problems. Therefore, some are calling for regime change.

The chants include, “The people are the victims” and “Oh Haniyeh, Oh Abbas, where is the electricity? Where is the gas?”

Ismail Haniyeh is the leader of Hamas while Mahmoud Abbas is the leader of the Palestinian Authority. And yes, the chant above rhymes in Arabic as well as it does in English.

Shockingly, it has been reported that live fire and violence, including beatings, have been used against protesters. More than 400 protesters have been arrested by Hamas police, many over them in overnight raids, and the arrests include children like this 14-year-old girl Batool Abu Salima.

It is unlikely the Palestinians in Gaza will see much change from their protests. The Hamas terror group rules Gaza with an iron fist and continues to profit from foreign investment and donations while the people of Gaza suffer under their rule. Unfortunately, the world’s media and many activist groups who claim to care about Palestinians rarely raise these issues and the UN is unlikely to hold special meetings to protect Palestinians from Hamas. This is because Israel isn’t to blame.

We must pray that the world’s eyes are opened up to the plight of Palestinians. The reason Gaza has issues is because of Hamas. The reason there is no peace is because Hamas and other terror groups continue to seek Israel’s destruction while keeping their own people in poverty to use them as pawns. The reason too many in the world blame Israel is because of the actions of the media to only shows one side to this story.

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