This week marks seventy-five years since the state of Israel was reborn as a nation. The United Nations was a key part of Israel’s rebirth because the global body gave recognition to the Jewish state and ratified its existence into international law. However, instead of celebrating this positive milestone, the UN instead chose to tarnish Israel by giving a platform to lies, distortions and antisemitism.

The Nakba, or ‘catastrophe’, is what the Palestinians have termed the Arab world’s defeat to Israel in 1948. The moment that Israel legally announced its independence, several Arab nations declared war on Israel and invaded with their armies. Israel was outnumbered and outgunned, but miraculously it survived and won the war.

Originally, the ‘Nakba’ was the phrase used by Arab nations to describe their failure to eliminate Israel. It was a ‘catastrophe’ that they lost to the Israel. In their eyes, it was a ‘catastrophe’ that they had failed to wipe out the Jewish state.

Today, however, the Nakba has been repurposed to mean something else. Now it is used to paint the image in people’s minds that big bad Israel ‘invaded’ the land and ‘expelled’ the Palestinians.

The present day ‘Nakba’ narrative is a complete distortion of the truth. Israel, the victims of the invading armies, are now demonized as the perpetrators.

Sadly, the United Nations has swallowed this lie whole. Last December the United Nations voted to hold its first ever ‘Nakba Day’ commemoration events. Those events took place last Friday and this Monday. In one of the meetings, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was given a platform to spread hatred and lies against Israel, including antisemitism.

To begin with Abbas accused the UK and US of creating Israel because they wanted to get rid of their Jewish population (despite both countries still having two of the largest Jewish populations in the world and being close friends of Israel).

“Britain and the United States specifically bear political and ethical responsibility directly for the Nakba of the Palestinian people because they took part in rendering our people a victim when they decided to establish and plant another entity in our historic homeland for their own colonial goals,” Abbas said. “These countries wanted to get rid of their Jews and benefit from their presence in Palestine.”

He also accused Israel of using Nazi-style propaganda – which is antisemitic according to the IHRA definition on antisemitism.

“Israeli and Zionist claims continue by saying that Israel made the desert bloom. As if Palestine was a desert and they made the desert bloom,” Abbas said. “These are lies. They continue to lie, like Goebbels, and they continue to lie until people believe their lies.”

Additionally, Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the Jewish people have no connection to the Temple Mount or to Jerusalem.

The PA president claimed Israelis have “been digging for 30 years to find any evidence or proof of the existence” of Jewish ties to the site.

“They haven’t found anything,” he said. “Al-Sharif belongs exclusively to the Muslims,” he said, referring to the Temple Mount by its Arabic name. The complex was the site of the two ancient Temples, and, as such, it is the holiest site to Jews. It is also a key holy site for Christians.

For Abbas to use his platform at the United Nations to spread such falsehoods is shameful. It is an insult to Jews, an insult to Christians, and an insult to the truth of history and God’s Word.

Was Abbas reprimanded for his antisemitism? Was he corrected over his lies and distortions? No, Abbas was given a standing ovation from the diplomats and officials who filled the room.

Thankfully, the UK, US, Canada and dozens of others stayed away from this biased event. But too many were involved and too many allowed the lies of the Nakba and the hatred of Mahmoud Abbas to be spread.

The UN is not fit for purpose because it is a committee-led organisation that passes resolutions with majority votes. And the majority of countries hate Israel and use their power within the UN to repeatedly bash Israel repeatedly.

The UN claims to uphold international law. It claims to champion the rights of women, minorities and the oppressed. However, many of the countries that hold the most sway at the UN are dictatorships that are guilty of atrocious human rights abuses. They protect themselves from condemnation and instead point the finger at Israel.

Israel has been condemned by the UN more than any other country. In fact, for many years Israel has been condemned more than all other countries combined.

The Bible warns us that there will come a time when the truth will become lies and the lies will become truth. God’s Word also warns us that the time will come when every nation on earth will turn against Israel. The United Nations will likely be the main stage for such sinful hatred towards God’s people, God’s nation and the truth of God’s Word.

Let’s continue to pray for Israel as it is slandered and falsely accused in the halls of power. May God continue to protect Israel from her enemies, and even though the majority of governments are against Israel, may the Lord open the eyes of the citizens of each country to see the truth about Israel.

Israel is a beacon of light in a dark region of the world. Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. And it is through Israel that all the earth has been blessed.

This year, we want to do more to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

We know that as we bless Israel this year, God will bless us, just as He promised in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Now is the time to bless Israel and the Jewish people.