Two elderly women were stabbed and moderately injured in a suspected terror attack in southern Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

The attack occurred in a wooded area below the Armon Hanatziv Tayelet, a southern Jerusalem promenade overlooking the city which is said to be popular with joggers, walkers and tourists.

The area sits near the seam line between the capital’s eastern and western halves.

The two women were in a group of five walking through the area when they were set upon by the masked men.

The women, who are said to be in their eighties, were found in a field near the promenade, lying in the dirt, conscious, and suffering from stab wounds. One lady had been stabbed in her upper body and arms, while the other had been stabbed in her upper body only.

A spokesperson for Shaarei Tzedek hospital, where the two were taken, said they had both been stabbed in the chest and were in stable condition in the trauma ward.

The police who have labelled the incident a “suspected nationalistic attack.” The suspects are still at large with Israeli police continuing their search.