The UK is currently in the grips of a shocking, rise of antisemitism. The Jewish community was already the most targeted religious group in the country and with a record number of antisemitic incidents in 2023, the fear and isolation the Jewish community is feeling right now has reached unprecedented levels.

It is, therefore, greatly encouraging to see the future King reaching out to the Jewish community to show support for them at this time.

The Prince of Wales visited the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London on Thursday and spent time with Jews from various backgrounds, including Jewish students and a Holocaust survivor, Renee Salt.

Condemning the rise in hatred towards the Jewish community, Prince William said: “Well, you’ve heard it from me, antisemitism has no place in society. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again.”

He added: “Both Catherine and I are extremely concerned about the rise in antisemitism that you guys have talked about so eloquently this morning, and I’m just so sorry you’ve had to experience that.”

The prince also said it was “important” that people “break out” of “boxes” that keep them separate.

“A lot live in their silos, in their echo chamber on social media, they don’t have different influences, they don’t have anything else, they might not have anyone they know who’s Jewish…it’s so important we break out of those boxes.”

William was taken around the synagogue by its rabbi, Daniel Epstein, and his wife Ilana, together with chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock.

Following the visit, Pollock said:

“Today His Royal Highness reminded us that antisemitism is not only a problem for the Jewish community, but for all society. He listened to young Jewish students, who are facing a deluge of antisemitic hate on campus, share their personal experiences of this anti-Jewish hate, and he met young Holocaust Educational Trust ambassadors, who are campaigning against antisemitism despite not being Jewish themselves.

“He spent time with Holocaust survivor Renee Salt BEM. When she was liberated nearly 80 years ago, she never could have imagined that once again, within her lifetime, there would be a global explosion of antisemitism.

“His Royal Highness’ visit sends a powerful message that Britain is a country where Jews, whether Holocaust survivors who came to find sanctuary or young Jewish students – are welcome and celebrated. He reminds us that even in the darkest days, the Jewish community is not alone.

“We thank His Royal Highness for his leadership on this issue and we are so grateful for his unwavering support for our cause and our community.”

The Jewish community is a valued part of British society and they have long supported the Royal Family, including saying a prayer for the King (or Queen) every Sabbath. It is shameful that such a precious group of people are being targeted with hatred in such a way that it casts a shadow on the rest of the country. Many are seeing the damaging effects of not standing up to radical ideologies and terror support.

We pray that Prince William and his father will lead the charge in tackling antisemitism in Britain. This was an important gesture, but a great deal more has to be done.

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