Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will visit Israel next year for the Jewish state’s “landmark” 75th birthday. 

Speaking at a Conservative Friend Of Israel reception, Sunak said, “Next year I will visit Israel on what will be its 75th birthday and landmark year – after so many years of struggle – and also success.”

Sunak told the audience, which included three former prime ministers – Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and Theresa May- the Prime Minister said Israel was now at the forefront of “remarkable achievements” in technology which he said were “something which Israel’s detractors in the BDS movement would do away with.”

Stressing his admiration for Israel he added: “I will fight very hard for the security of the Jewish state.”

“But it has also never been more important. It is a friendship which makes all of our systems healthier.”

The PM also used his speech to confirm that the UK will vote against a forthcoming resolution at that United Nations General Assembly relating to the International Court of Justice along with “our allies.”

Sunak also noted how the past year had been “one of the bloodiest” in the Middle East for years, “with an appalling double attack in Jerusalem just last month.”

He observed that Israel faced an “unenviable security challenge.”

The PM also used his speech to offer a tough stance in relation to Iran saying they although Israel remains on the frontline “we must recognise its activities aren’t confined to the Middle East.”

Sunak noted “last year an Iranian diplomat was convicted for a bomb targeting an opposition rally in Paris.”

He noted how the IRGC had also been linked to at least 10 threats to UK based individuals but added “of course Israel finds itself at the “frontline of the threat from Iran’s IRGC impulses.”



Source: Jewish News