Jewish Labour members apparently walked out of the Arab ambassadors’ reception at the Labour conference last week [Sept. 27] after the Palestinian ambassador ranted about Israel.

Multiple sources independently quote Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian ambassador to the UK, as describing Israel and Israelis as a “cancer“.

According to a source in the room a large number of attendees walked out in disgust, with some Jewish Labour members brought to tears. They were particularly upset that Labour MPs present did not speak out against the comments. Earlier Hassassian had launched another tirade against Israel, describing them as “cowboys“.

Meanwhile, three cases of anti-Semitic language and harassment against those manning Labour Friends of Israel’s stand at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool last week were formally reported to the party.

Aaron Simons wrote on Twitter than he was approached by a man who indulged in “small talk” before adding: “Wasn’t there a Jewish plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn?”

LFI Chair Joan Ryan herself said she reported anti-Semitic rhetoric after one visitor to the stall pressed her for 20 minutes on the group’s work and what it was doing about the “borders”.

“The woman said ‘you could do a lot more about the borders. Groups like this are very rich. They have a lot of money and power’. I told her she was being anti-Semitic. She said it is the truth.” A video was later placed online covering the final minutes of their conversation by which time Ryan was late for the tribute to MP Jo Cox.

After she had gone into the hall, its claimed, the woman returned with a man and started taking pictures of Ryan’s 22-year-old staffer.

“I was happy to discuss the situation rationally but there’s no place for behaviour like that at conference. They’re trying to bait and goad,” said Ryan. She said, however, there had been “a steady stream” of people signing up for LFI’s email updates through the first day.

Source: The New AntiSemitie / JewishNews