Palestinian terrorism has once again devastated the lives of Israeli civilians. This latest incident saw a Palestinian armed with a knife and stolen vehicle stabbing people at different locations and crashing into oncoming vehicles.

The victims were named as Michael Ladygin, 36, who leaves behind a wife and two children. Motti Ashkenazi, 59, who was married with three children and two grandchildren. And Tamir Avihai, 50, a father of six, one son and five daughters aged between 12 and 29.

The murderer, named by the Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry as 18-year-old Muhammed Souf, reportedly had a work permit to enter the Israeli town of Ariel located in the northern part of Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The terrorist Muhammed Souf

Souf is thought to have stabbed an Israeli security guard at the town’s industrial zone. The guard is in a serious condition. Souf then ran to a nearby petrol station and stabbing several people there. Two of those killed were at the petrol station.

The terrorist then stole a vehicle which he drove down the highway the wrong way and deliberately crashed into an oncoming car, killing Motti Ashkenazi.

Souf then stabbed some more people before trying to steal another vehicle. He then fled on foot down the highway.

The terrorist’s rampage was stopped when off-duty Israeli soldiers shot him dead.

Odelia Shahaf, a Magen David Adom ambulance service medic who was at the scene, said she thought it was a traffic accident.

“I was on the road and noticed what looked like a car accident. I saw a wounded man lying on the road and immediately went over to him,” she said.

“While I started treating him I heard people shouting ‘terrorist terrorist’ and saw a man running with a knife running in our direction,” Shahaf said.

“He then managed to stab and injure a 35-year-old man. I went over to the wounded man who was badly stabbed and stopped his bleeding,” she said. The terrorist at that point got into another vehicle and again crashed into the cars on the highway, she said.

One of the off-duty soldiers who killed the terrorist was heading to a memorial for a man killed in a terror attack last month, the military said.

This is the latest in an ongoing campaign by Palestinian terrorists to murder Jews. This kind of act will result in the Palestinian Authority paying the family of the terrorist and glorification within Palestinian society. This is why the cycle of violence continues in Israel; because the Palestinians are continuing their hatred and violence towards their neighbours.

Let’s pray for the Israeli victims of this crime and that the Palestinians will turn away from hate.

Image description: Tamir Avihai (L) Michael Ladygin (C) and Motti Ashkenazi (R).

We call upon the UK Government to officially recognise Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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