Jerusalem is a holy city, chosen by God and given to the Jewish people. Today, Jerusalem is considered holy by the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, with holy sites, shrines, mosques, synagogues and churches scattered around the city. Despite its apparent holiness to all three religions, the Palestinians, typically spurred by radical Islamism, are once again desecrating the “City of Peace” and turning parts of it into a riot zone.

This week, the Jewish people have been celebrating Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, where Jewish families gather together in Sukkahs (makeshift tents and gazebos) for a celebration of the time their people spent wandering the desert after being freed from Egypt in Biblical times. It is also one of the feasts where Jews make pilgrimages to Jerusalem to pray. This is also a feast that many Christians take part in, in expectation of when Christ returns. The Bible states that when Christ returns nations from around the world will gather in Jerusalem to worship God.

It seems that also during this time is when the Palestinians have decided they will gather in Jerusalem, not for any religious reason, but simply because they hate the Jewish people and want Israel destroyed. Unwilling to share Jerusalem or any part of the holy land, Palestinian terror groups have been carrying out deadly terror attacks against Israeli soldiers. Just this week two IDF officers were shot dead in separate terror attacks. Likewise, Palestinian political leaders have been busy inciting violence against Israel, using blood libels and antisemitic conspiracies to further their cause.

The Israel Defense Forces have been forced to defend the city of Jerusalem from attacks by Palestinian terrorists and rioters. We have seen videos of Palestinian riots taking place on Jerusalem streets, where rocks and Molotov cocktails have been thrown at Israeli forces. Worse than this, there are numerous times Palestinian gunmen, armed with machine guns and rifles, have been in gun battles with Israeli forces in the streets surrounded by civilians (see below).

Shamefully, an Israeli family was almost lynched as they drove through a street in east Jerusalem. Their only crime was that they were Jewish.

Another incident took place when Palestinians shot fireworks at Jewish men walking down the street. And another video showed Palestinians spitting at Jews as they walked in Jerusalem’s streets.

Think about this. Jews are walking through the city that God gave them and they are in danger of being murdered simply for being Jewish. And the world thinks Israel is the bad guy?

Palestinian media is once again spreading lies and misinformation about the situation. Israelis have been accused of “storming Al-Aqsa”, which basically means that Jewish pilgrims have toured the Temple Mount and peacefully walked around on tourist visits.

The anti-Israel media is also capitalising on the death of a Palestinian ‘doctor’ who was allegedly killed by Israeli forces. However, images of the so-called ‘doctor’ have now surfaced showing that he may have had training in the taking of lives rather than saving them. Here he is pictured with numerous weapons, which looks similar to other Palestinian terrorists who are pictured with weaponry before their operations.

We often see Palestinian terror groups celebrating their operatives using these kinds of images, but media outlets and anti-Israel activists instead show more dignified images of them smiling and looking friendly in an attempt to paint them as innocent bystanders killed by ‘Israeli aggression’. In truth, Israel is extremely careful to protect the lives of Israelis and Palestinians, while the terrorists seek only destruction and death.

In the video below you can see heavily armed Palestinian terrorists using an ambulance for cover and even using an elderly Palestinian woman as a human shield for their cover.

We must understand that Israel is fighting to keep peace within their holy city. Jerusalem is the place Jews revere and honour. However, the Palestinian terrorists have desecrated the city of peace with violence and terror. We must not allow the lies of the enemy to distort the truth.

Let’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem and as the Lord himself commands, give God no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. We know this can only happen when the Palestinians end their pursuit of terrorism and violence and the world learns to love the things God loves.

We call upon the UK Government to officially recognise Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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