“Without a credible military threat you are not going to stop Iran.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has told Piers Morgan that the international community can help stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon by imposing economic pressures.

Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show for TalkTV, filmed during the Israeli PM’s visit to London and aired on Monday.

The half-hour interview, which focused largely on the debate over proposed judicial reforms, also covered the threat from Iran and recent terror attacks in Israel.

“All Israelis are united in seeing the danger of a nuclear Iran,” Netanyahu asserted. “It is my responsibility as leader of the one and only Jewish state, which Iran calls for its annihilation, to do everything in our power to stop. Iran should know that. I and Israel will do everything we can to stop it.”

Responding to a question by Morgan about what Rishi Sunak on behalf of Britain could do about Iran, Netanyahu explained, “It’s important to say it. It’s important to apply economic pressures. The combination of crippling economic sanctions and credible military threat can hold back Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Without a credible military threat you are not going to stop Iran.”

“Iran is 50 times more dangerous than North Korea and I must do everything to prevent it from having a nuclear weapon,” Netanyahu said, “What is needed from international community [is] strong sanctions from the United states, and from Israel a military threat.”

Discussing the rise of Palestinian terrorism, Netanyahu described “the weakness of Palestinian Authority that doesn’t send its security forces to stop the terrorists, and therefore we have to do it.”

“What we are trying to do is calm things down,” he continued, “put some kind of mechanism in place with the Palestinian Authority and with others to stop the violence.”

Making the point that concessions by any previous Israeli government have not succeeded is because the Palestinians are led by “irresponsible leaders resolutely opposed to a Jewish state in any boundaries.” He continued that they are “not interested in territorial resolution, only the dissolution of the one and only Jewish state.”

Responding to Morgan stating that there have been six times as many Palestinian deaths than Israelis this year, Israel’s Prime Minister questioned about making similar comparisons to to other global and historical conflicts. “Israel goes after the terrorists who hide in terrorist strongholds and to get to them they have to fight other terrorists,” he explained, adding that most of the Palestinian deaths are “combatants, that is terrorists.”

“I wouldn’t judge the justice of a battle by the number of casualties on either side, because you’d be on very shaky historical ground.”

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Sunak and Netanyahu discuss ‘significant concern about Iran’ at Downing Street meeting

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