Labour MP, Yasmin Qureshi, has associated the “Palestinian-Israel” conflict as the central issue to the threat ISIS poses in Syria during today’s debate in the House of Commons.

The comments by the MP for Bolton South East come as politicians prepare to vote to decide whether Britain should launch airstrikes against Islamic State.

Mrs Qureshi, who is opposed to the airstrikes, has recently returned from a tour of the Middle East.

Seemingly citing a general of the Lebanese army, Mrs Qureshi says that “centre to all of this, and I know some people are going to sort of strike me down on this, they said the Israel-Palestine conflict has to be the key.

“And this wasn’t just said in Beirut, it was said in Cairo, it was said by Oman, because it’s a big key, it’s a big recruitment drive. And until, unless, that situation is sorted out, we are never going to have peace in the Middle East.”

Whilst Mrs Qureshi, who is a member of Foreign Affairs Select Committee, didn’t go as far as blaming Israel on the current situation in Syria, her comments raise questions as to why the “Palestinian/Israel” issue has anything to do with resolving the current threat by ISIS in Syria.

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