The latest issue of  Torch magazine from Christians United for Israel UK is out now! 

This latest issue of Torch is packed with articles that we trust will challenge and inspire you in your stand with Israel. We’ve led with the affirming declaration, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.” We challenge Britain’s compromising foreign policy regarding Jerusalem head on, bust the myth that moving the UK embassy would go against ‘international law’, and give the Biblical, historical, moral and legal basis for why Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. We trust this will arm you in your defence of Israel.

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We also share about Queen Elizabeth’s moving visit to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and other example’s of our late Queen’s compassion for Holocaust survivors. Our article about the Munich Massacre exposes things many people around the world are unaware of, including why the Olympics failed to commemorate the attack on the Israeli team for five decades and how the financer of the attack is now leader of the Palestinian Authority. Meanwhile, our article ‘The Purbeck Schindler’ honours an unsung hero of World War 2 from Swanage, Dorset, who helped save hundreds of Jewish children.

In this issue:

  • Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
  • When the Queen visited Bergen-Belsen
  • The Munich Massacre Explained: 50th Anniversary
  • Novak Djokovic and the Tel Aviv Open 2022
  • The Purbeck Schindler

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