Defense Minister Benny Gantz has signed a memorandum for defense cooperation with his Japanese counterpart Yasukazu Hamada which will enable the two countries to widen defense, strategic and military exchanges.

“Our countries share a common goal – defending our homes, and seeking peace and stability. Cooperation between Israel and Japan in developing technology and sharing knowledge will enable us to achieve our common vision,” Gantz said.

According to Gantz, with the agreement “we open the doors to technological cooperation, information-sharing, military-to-military activities, and industrial ventures. These activities will strengthen the defense capabilities of each country, as well as our joint contribution to peace and stability in our regions and the world.”

The agreement topped off what Gantz hailed as a significant visit to the United States and Tokyo where he met with senior officials to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and other issues including increasing security cooperation.

“This has been an overall successful visit,” Gantz told reporters during a phone briefing ahead of the signing of the agreement. The visit, he added “will have operative implications both at the level of the military and R&D as well as at the level of defense industries later on.”

The visit comes “in order to build a framework for greater defense cooperation and strategic ties between the countries,” the Defense Ministry said.

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