An Israeli flag has been set alight near the Menora memorial, at the Babi Yar in Kiev, Ukraine.

Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kiev, requested law enforcement authorities to investigate the act of vandalism.

“Video surveillance recorded the group of young vandals burning the flag of the state of Israel near the Menora memorial, at the Babi Yar. This happened on the national Holocaust Remembrance Day, when the Jewish people all over the world remember the 6 million victims of Nazism, who perished during World War II,” the press service of Kiev City State Administration quoted Klitschko as saying.

Klitschko noted that the memory of the victims should be respected, for such tragedies of humanity not to ever be repeated. The Kiev authorities plan to create a Holocaust victims memorial at Babi Yar, he said.

“It is intolerable to brutalize the memory of the victims. Especially, at the place, which is globally known as one of the symbols of a terrible crime of fascism, at the Babi Yar, where dozens of thousands of people of different nationalities, the majority of them, Jewish, had been destroyed,” he said.

Source: CFA/NRG