UPDATE: Thankfully this video has now been removed by YouTube.

Hamas has released a video which encourages Palestinian youths to take up arms and murder Jews.

The video begins with some children playing football in the street while a teenager watches videos of Israeli oppression on his smartphone. A couple of actors dressed to look like orthodox Jewish men then walk down the street, kicking and pushing the children to the floor and laughing mockingly.

The older boy who was watching the video then takes up arms, grabbing a knife and laying in wait for the Jewish men to come by once more. When they walk past he jumps out and stabs one in the stomach, then chases the other Jewish man down the street and slits his throat.

The title of the video is roughly translated, “Break… and then rose up.”

The video is published by Hamas Gaza on Youtube and can be seen below (until they take it down).

Christians United for Israel UK (CUFI UK)