“Comfort, comfort my people, 
says your God.”

Isaiah 40:1



We have all been witnesses to Israel’s trauma. On the fateful day of 7th October, Hamas revealed to the world that they were hell-bent not only on the destruction of Israel, but on the annihilation of the Jewish people.

CUFI has been warning about Hamas and other Palestinian terror factions for years. Along with our supporters, CUFI has petitioned the government, sounded the alarm in Parliament and advocated for Israel in churches. Many of our supporters have been faithful watchmen on the walls for decades, but few of us expected Hamas to be able to commit such atrocities.

We had hoped that Israel’s worst days were behind them. We were tragically mistaken.

As you know, more than 1,400 people were killed murdered in Israel, including hundreds of men, women, children, babies, grandparents, and Holocaust survivors. The horrors committed that day have been described by survivors and those who bore witness to the aftermath of the atrocity, as worse than any horror movie ever conceived. It was the worst massacre committed against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

As Israelis bury their loved ones and Israel goes after the barbarians responsible for the carnage, Israel needs our support now more than ever before.

CUFI understands the Biblical principle that love is not what you say; love is what you do. We are putting our words into action by addressing lifesaving needs in Israel. This includes funding for hospitals, ambulances and first responders on the ground in Israel. 

The Jewish people need the love and support of Christians now more than ever before. We must show them that Christians care. This is why we have started a new initiative called CUFI Cares. 

CUFI Cares is the humanitarian arm of Christians United for Israel here in the UK. CUFI Cares enables CUFI to put our words into action and show the love of Christ by providing for the physical needs of our Jewish brothers and sisters, to help heal their wounds, and comfort them when they are hurting.

As the Scripture above says, “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” We must show the Jewish people that Christians care enough to do something about it. 

Please give your best gift today to support the work of Christians United for Israel as we launch this CUFI Cares initiative. Help us save lives in Israel and defend the Jewish people here in Britain. Because Christians are the best friends that Israel has. 

To give today, please visit www.cufi.org.uk/donate or call 01793 862 210 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri). 

In appreciation of every donation received at this time, we are giving away a special gift as a thank you – an exclusive magnet that includes the Priestly Blessing which God commanded to Aaron and his sons to proclaim over the Jewish people.

Your financial support for CUFI at this time will help us to provide for Israel’s physical needs, and this exclusive gift from CUFI will act as a reminder that it is also important to bless Israel spiritually through our prayers.

Together, we can comfort God’s people in their time of need. We can show them that Christians around the world care for Israel now and always.