Des Starritt, Executive Director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in the UK, spoke at the Never Again Is Now prayer rally on Sunday 19th November 2023. CUFI was pleased to support the event organised by Christian Action Against Antisemitism. Thousands of Christians stood shoulder to shoulder with members of the Jewish community in a powerful stand against antisemitism and called for the safe return of all Israeli hostages held captive by Hamas.

“It was an honour to speak at the event alongside other pro-Israel organisations and amongst a crowd who clearly loved Israel,” says Des Starritt, CUFI’s Executive Director. “I explained to those gathered that I often wondered what I would have done if I was alive during the Holocaust. Would I have followed the crowd? Would I have been intimidated into silence by the angry mobs on the streets and done nothing? Or would I have been one of those few Righteous Gentiles who stood up and spoke out? It is a challenge to all of us. In our lifetime, we have an opportunity to find out what we are made of. It is time for the Righteous Gentiles to arise. The time for Christians to stand up and be counted is now. As the title of the rally declared, ‘Never Again Is Now’.”