The Biden Administration has given the US-Palestinian relationship a significant upgrade this week after President Biden created a new role within the State Department to serve the Palestinians. The move comes as Palestinian factions praise the terror attacks on Israeli teenagers and when Abbas fails to condemn them.

Hady Amr, who for two years served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel and Palestinian Affairs is now serving as Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs.

Sadly, the person Biden picked for the role has a history of anti-Israel attitudes.

Amr has in the past decried Israeli policies and blasted Israel over its alleged mistreatment of the Palestinians.

In an unhinged 2002 rant, Amr repeated Palestinian jihad propaganda, declaring: “I have news for every Israeli: a very large proportion of the more than 150 million children and youth in the Arab World now have televisions, and they will never, never forget what the Israeli people, the Israeli military and Israeli democracy have done to Palestinian children.”

He took on the role on 22 November 2022. The move is seen as a significant upgrade in relations with the Palestinians.

Amr said, he “will engage closely with the Palestinians and their leadership and, together with Ambassador [Tom] Nides and his team, continue to engage with Israel on Palestinian-related issues.”

The move is a bid by Biden to compensate the Palestinians for the delay in reopening the US consulate in Jerusalem. The US consulate was shuttered by the Trump Administration and Biden had promised to reopen it.

Our position on this is that there should be no consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem as Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, given to them by God Almighty as written in the Bible. The US, or any other nation, should never divide the land of Israel or Jerusalem. God has warned of the consequences if that should happen.

Likewise, the US should stop rewarding Palestinian leaders who promote terrorism and fund it, such as the Palestinian Authority. The PA gives over £200 million every year to terrorists and their families as payment for carrying out terror attacks. They refuse to change their ways with PA President Abbas vowing to never stop the payments, saying that even if they only had a penny left in their coffers it would go to the family of a ‘martyr’.

Like many Western governments, the US government is now honouring this corrupt, terror-supporting regime by providing them with a new envoy. This is wrong. If the Palestinians want to be treated better, then they must change their ways to earn this treatment. Right now, the Palestinians can act as they please and the West will continue to appease them. And that is shameful, especially in a week when Palestinian terrorists have attacked and even murdered Israeli children.

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