Anti-Israel boycotters have targeted a London restaurant, advertising a “special menu” with dishes including “Tel Aviv Tikka with Pepper Spray.”

Members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeted the Indian restaurant over its participation in the American Express-sponsored Round Tables gastronomic event held last month in Israel, where chefs from around the world came to Tel Aviv to sample the national cuisine.

Boycotters, who derided it as a “whitewashing event,” picketed Stazione di Posta in Rome, Tragaluz in Barcelona, Fruehsammers in Berlin and the Cinnamon Kitchen near Liverpool Street station.

Outside, they displayed a board showing dishes including “Tel Aviv Tikka with Pepper Spray” for starters, “Tandoori Chicken with Special Skunk Dip” for main course and “Tarte a la Tear Gas” for dessert.

Organisers posted a video online showing the reaction of customers to the boycotters entering the various participating restaurants, after which some diners upped and left.

Source: Jewish News