A man was left “stunned” after receiving antisemitic abuse by a man on a north-west London street yesterday, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The reader was walking in Stanmore, north-west London last week, when a male passer-by, he claimed, “deliberately tripped” him.

When he challenged the man, he received abusive language.

Jewish News reports that the victim then followed the man along the road to a bus stop. He videoed the conversation which followed, where the man continued to swear at him, as well as referring to him as “a Jew” and a “four by two” – Cockney rhyming slang for Jew.

He also claimed to know where the victim lived.

Although the man originally denied tripping the victim, he eventually admitted he had done so, but claimed.”I didn’t do it deliberately”.

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, the victim said: “I was quite taken aback. It hasn’t happened to me before and I was more in shock than anything.

“I was stunned and saddened that there is still this undercurrent of antisemitism in existence today.”

Source: Jewish Chronicle

WARNING: This video contains very strong abusive language