The Palestinian leadership plans to continue its strategy to internationalise the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by joining international institutions, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said during a long speech at the seventh Fatah General Congress in Ramallah on Wednesday.

“We will join all of them,” Abbas said of 522 international organisations.

The Palestinian leadership has joined 44 international organisations thus far, including UNESCO and the International Criminal Court.

Abbas also said that the Palestinian leadership plans to “go to the UNSC to ask for full membership” in the world body.

The Palestinian leadership achieved non-member observer status at the UN in September 2012.

Later in Thursday’s speech, Abbas admitted that “popular resistance” has not taken off in Palestinian society, but said he wants to see it play a larger role in the coming years. “Where is popular, peaceful resistance? Go out to [the streets],” he said. “I say, go out; no one goes out.”

Since Abbas became Fatah chairman in 2004, he and other movement leaders have consistently expressed support for popular resistance, backing protests against the West Bank security barrier and boycott of a limited number of Israeli products, but they have yet to produce a mass protest movement.

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