The United Nations on Friday (18th) approved an Israeli-sponsored resolution focusing on international innovation and development.

The resolution, entitled “Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development,” passed with 123 countries supporting it, 30 countries opposing, and eight abstaining, according to a statement from Israel’s UN mission.

After months of diplomatic efforts, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon succeeded in passing the resolution by working country by country to convince it of the importance of the law, notwithstanding the fierce opposition from the Arab bloc to all Israeli resolutions.

The Arab member-states opposed the resolution, despite the fact that many elements of the decision will positively influence countries around the world, including many countries in the Middle East.

“This resolution is further proof of the important contributions that Israel makes to the world as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Ambassador Danon.

“The hypocritical opposition by the Arab bloc did not succeed. Every day, more and more countries are showing interest in Israel’s success. We are proud to cooperate with countries around the world and to share knowledge and know-how as we work together to build a better world,” he added.

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