Israeli Channel 10‘s reporter in France, Miri Michaeli, used her Facebook page Thursday to publish video documentation of an anti-Semitic assault she experienced in central Paris.

The incident occurred just as she was about to report on camera about the Germanwings passenger jet disaster in the Alps three weeks ago.

“I did not mean to upload this video,” she wrote. “It is not possible to understand what exactly happened there, in that short scene, and I do not look too good there, either. But after the report yesterday, which presented worrisome statistics about anti-Semitism in Europe, I received some questions from viewers and friends who thought that the media (and I, as part of it) are painting an exaggerated picture of the situation.

“It’s true that if you walk down the streets of Paris, you may feel nothing,” Michaeli explained. “But if you don a kippah, wear a Magen David necklace or hold a microphone that says ‘News 10’ in Hebrew, it is reasonable to assume that sooner or later, you will realize that the situation is worse than what the statistics indicate. These remarks do not enter the statistics, and are not reported. This happens here, every day, and in every place, and it happened to me, too.”

The videos show only the beginning of the incident, she added.

“The man whose face cannot be seen in the video identifies Hebrew on the microphone, passes the information on to his friends and starts to harass. What happened afterward was much worse. They surrounded me, four or five men, and began to curse me. The word Jew was repeated, too.”

“My hands shake, three weeks later, when I remember the things that they said. I was standing in the street, I was not bothering anyone, and I was cursed – with aggressive hand motions – and threatened. I looked around. The street was full of people who noted what was going on, they watched from the side, and someone even taped everything with a smartphone, but no one helped me.

“When I felt threatened, I ran off (yes, that is the right word) to the train station, where there were soldiers. Only then did they leave me alone… So no, we were not exaggerating. That is the reality. Now we must fight it.”

Source: Arutz Sheva