Pray for Christians to stand up for Israel in Britain

This week we are praying that Christians who love Israel will have courage to stand up for Israel in Britain.

Pray that CUFI’s latest campaigns will impact our nation. We currently have supporters writing emails to MPs urging them to stand with Israel and do all they can to bring the hostages home. This simple act can make a big difference, and we pray that many Christians will join us in this cause and show the government the sizeable voice of Christian support for Israel in our land.

Please also pray for our “Christian Pledge for Israel” which we recently launched. We believe this is a God-inspired pledge and we pray it will unite many Christians together for Israel’s cause. We know that Israel and the Jewish people are worth defending and that Christians have a unique role in this.

Pray also that God will use CUFI in an even bigger way in 2024. We have many challenges, but one key area we want to reach is grass roots supporters and churches. Please pray that we will be able connect with Christians throughout the country and make some real inroads into churches this year.

Thank you for praying with us.