This week some actions that have taken place in darkness have been exposed to the light. We believe that as evil is exposed to the light it is up to Christians to pray for God to move His hand in these situations.

  • Pray that the inflammatory speech made by Mahmoud Abbas will be seen by Western officials and they will see the true nature of the Palestinian leader. Abbas is no friend of the West or a partner for peace for Israel. We pray our government stop being fooled by his rhetoric and will take a strong stand against him and in defence of Israel. 
  • Praise the Lord that the Israeli authorities were able to arrest an Iranian spy, a Jewish man, who had entered Israel to gather intelligence for the Iranian regime. Praise the Lord that the plans of Israel’s enemies are being thwarted.
  • Pray that the UK authorities will take action against a London-based organisation that has hosted antisemitic speakers of the IRGC who called for violence against Jews and Zionists in Britain. Let’s pray this news will finally prompt the UK to act in outlawing the IRGC for good so their messages of hate can no longer be preached in Britain.
  • Praise the Lord for the daring rescue that was made in secret to bring 200 Israeli citizens and Ethiopian Jews who were looking to make Aliyah to Israel. They were saved from harm in war-torn Ethiopia and the number of Jews returning to Israel has increased as a result! While this was not evil being exposed, it was a secret that was hidden from the enemy and then revealed once successful.
  • Pray for the situation in which the Biden Administration has reportedly released billions of dollars to the Iranian regime in an apparent secret deal as part of a prisoner exchange. Iran will not use this money to better its people, but instead to further its evil aims against Israel and the region. Let’s pray US leaders will stop empowering Iran and instead stand up to it.

Thank you for praying with us this week. As you can see, evil is being exposed to the light. Now, action is needed to remove it!