Praise the Lord that Fiji has become the latest country to announce it is opening an embassy in Jerusalem. It is the first Commonwealth nation to do so, and we must pray that it will be the first of many ‘young lions’ to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by moving its embassy there. The country’s deputy prime minister explained how the nation feels close to ‘the descendants of Abraham’, referencing the Fijian people’s deepening connection with the land of Israel through the growth of Christian Zionism. The strength of Christian Zionism in Fiji is a result of an awakening to the Bible in public life and the growth of the Church. That is why we say, ‘standing with Israel begins with the Church’. Praying that the United Kingdom will stand with Israel must be in tandem with praying that Britain will wake up to Biblical truth. We can have confidence that if the UK’s spiritual condition is revived by a revelation of the Bible, surely a healthier and bolder relationship with Israel will follow. Praise God for Fiji’s obedience and its boldness.

Also this week, the first ever chartered plane direct from Fiji to Israel took place. In light of the above, it is not insignificant that this historic flight was full of Christians making pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This Biblical feast is a shadow of things to come. The Bible says that one day every nation that has come against Jerusalem will gather in Jerusalem and worship the King of kings. Previous to this, the nations will be assessed by how they treated Israel. This warning of accountability should cause our own nation to take its responsibility seriously. Let us pray that the Church will lead by example; demonstrating God’s love for His people Israel, being faithful to what the Bible teaches, and taking seriously the call to bless the Jewish people.

Thank you for praying with us today.

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