A video has emerged of a Palestinian activist desecrating an Israeli flag as an anti-Israel mob confronts pro-Israel demonstrators.

The video was shared by Hananya Naftali on Twitter who wrote, “Pro-Palestinian activists spit and step on Israeli flag during a demonstration.”

Adding, “Have you ever wondered how come they only preach hate and never preach peace?”

The video footage shows a group of pro-Israel activists standing on a street corner as pro-Palestinian activists approach them. One of the anti-Israel mob then walks up to the Israeli flags, spits on them and wipes his feet on them. This action, which not only desecrated a country’s flag but also damaged an individual’s personal property, sparked a reaction from one of the pro-Israel activists who confronted the man and pushed him off the flag.

This then resulted in an exchange of words where a number of anti-Israel haters taunted the pro-Israel man, swiped his hat off his head and caused him to lose his sunglasses and other belongings when he was shoved. The clip ends when a police officer steps in between the men to end the confrontation.

At CUFI, we have often witnessed the hatred and intimidation that comes from pro-Palestinian activists, which sadly sometimes includes violence. We must continue to stand up for Israel and pray for the pro-Israel activists who are risking their own safety to stand up for the truth. Love and truth will always conquer hatred and lies.

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