Brooklyn has been rocked by a series of anti-Semitic attacks over the course of the last few months.

This latest attack shows a Jewish man being attacked by three individuals. He is thrown to the floor where his head hits the concrete pavement. He is then punched and kneed in the face by two men. A third man then runs over and joins in the assault, adding more punches and kicks to the Jewish man.

Nazar Walters, 18, and Teshon Bannister, 21, were arrested in connection with a vicious attack on a 51-year-old Jewish man in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

A security camera captured Walters, Bannister, and a third at-large suspect attacking a 51-year-old victim, with the three men primary suspects in the beating of a 22-year-old Jewish man earlier in the evening.

Watch the shocking video below: