Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon gave a powerful speech on a day the UN adopted 20 anti-Israel resolutions. It was also one of worst days of violence in Israel during recent surge.

As the UN on Monday marked the annual Palestinian Solidarity day by passing a series of 20 anti-Israel resolutions, Israel’s envoy to the global body sought to highlight the country’s struggles with Islamic terrorism on one of the worst days of violence in the course of the recent upsurge in terror.

One Israeli was killed and five others injured as a result of four separate terror attacks carried out by Palestinians Monday in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

During his speech to the General Assembly, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Danny Danon displayed a composite photo of Israeli victims of terror and stated: “This is a shameful day for the UN. Instead of issuing a clear and categorical statement denouncing all acts of terror, this institution has granted legitimacy to Palestinian terror.”

He drew a parallel to the Paris attacks, saying “The heinous murder of twenty innocent Israelis, just because they are Israelis, is no different than the cruel massacre of innocents in France.”

Danon was referring to the victims of the latest wave of violence, which saw 23 Israelis killed in stabbing and car-ramming attacks.

“Terror has no borders and we must fight it wherever we find it, whether it is Hamas in Gaza, Palestinian terror in the streets of Israel, or ISIS attacks in the streets of Europe,” the official further added.

One of the resolutions passed by the UN, and backed by 170 countries, was the non-binding motion, “The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination”.

The 19 other motions condemned Israel for, among others, its settlement policy and “challenging the status quo” of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount site.

Only Israel, United States, Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau voted against the measures with four other countries abstaining.

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