This week a Palestinian terrorist leader died after a hunger strike which later 87 days and a refusal to accept medical help from Israel. His death sparked condemnations of Israel and incited terrorists to launch more than 100 rockets towards Israeli civilians. Here is the truth about Khader Adnan.

Key points in this article about Khader Adnan:

  • He encouraged Palestinians to become suicide bombers
  • He admitted to being a member of the outlawed terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) which is responsible for murdering civilians
  • His wife said rocket attacks against Israel “restored Khader’s spirit to her”
  • His father showed support for Hezbollah, Iran and PIJ
  • The UN shamefully accused Israel of ‘war crimes’ while ignoring PIJ terror
  • The Palestinian Authority showed their support for terrorist by calling him a ‘hero’

First of all, we must make clear that Khader Adnan was a terrorist. Not only that, but he incited violence against Israelis and the terror group he was part of is responsible for suicide bombings that have cost Israeli lives.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is an Iran-backed terror group in Gaza and the Palestinian territories. It is outlawed in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, and it is a criminal offence for anyone in the UK to support the actions of Khader Adnan or any of its members.

Khader Adnan admitted to being a terrorist. He was arrested and released by Israel on several occasions and this was not his first hunger strike. However, it was his longest and ended up being his last.

A video of Khader Adnan rallying Palestinians to Jihad includes him calling upon the Quds Brigades to “shake the earth” with attacks against Israel and used a suicide bomber, Hasan Abu Zeid, who murdered five Israelis, as an example of how others should act, asking his supporters who will be like him.

“Who among you is the next suicide bomber? Who among you will carry the next explosive belt? Who among you will fire the next bullets? Who among you will have his body parts blown all over?” Khader Adnan says in the video.

This is a man was a terrorist. He was arrested for inciting terrorism. He chose to stop eating to try and force his release. He refused all medical treatment from Israel. And he knew that if he died it would incite further violence against Israel.

That is exactly what the terrorists did. They launched 104 rockets into Israel, all of them aimed at civilians. Sadly, three Chinese workers were injured on a construction site in southern Israel. Additionally, five Palestinians were injured inside Gaza when their home was struck by a PIJ rocket that misfired.

Palestinian terrorists only seek to destroy and that’s what they achieved. They injured Palestinian children and Chinese workers more than they did any damage to their enemy, and yet the warped mind of the jihadists praised this violence.

Palestinian UN Ambassador calls Khader a “hero”

One person who praised the terrorist was Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, who told a meeting focused on Palestinian rights that Khader Adnan was a “hero prisoner”

“We are satisfied that the [secretary general] and the UN were alarmed about the fate of Adnan Khader, the hero prisoner who lost his life after 44 years of his life,” Mansour said.

UN advisors take the side of the terrorist once again

‘Experts’ at the United Nations are shamefully calling for an investigation into Adnan’s death and have taken the side of the terrorist as they once again show their bias against Israel.

Far from being reasons and logical, their statement sounds like activist propaganda.

The press release from the office of the High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights quotes the ‘experts’ and includes outlandish claims such as accusing Israel of actions that are “tantamount to a war crime” and ends with emotive hysteria, saying, “How many more lives will have to be lost, before an inch of justice can be delivered in the occupied Palestinian territory?”


This man was a terrorist, he incited violence against Israeli civilians, his group is outlawed in the EU and the USA, where the UN houses its headquarters. PIJ carries out actual war crimes. However, none of these attacks prompted these UN ‘experts’ to launch an investigation.

As Times of Israel points out, UN special rapporteurs are supposed to be unbiased, but Albanese has repeatedly justified violence against Israelis, made statements that sympathized with terror groups and dismissed Israel’s right to self-defence.

Adnan’s wife said terror rockets “restored Khader’s spirit to me”

Palestinian terrorism runs in the Adnan family as evidenced by a recent report that Khader Adnan’s wife praised Palestinian rocket attacks that injured civilians.

The “heroes on the ground in Gaza did not disappoint,” Adnan’s wife stated in praise of the attack on Israeli territory, a report said. “The response of Gaza’s Joint Command Room restored Khader’s spirit to me.”

Siding with PIJ and Hamas, she also slammed the Palestinian Authority, the “Authority of Shame” – likely referring to the recent clashes in Jenin between PA security personnel and PIJ terrorists, according to Abu Ali.

It should be noted that an earlier press report quoted Adnan’s wife as saying she did not want to see any rocket attacks as she wanted to avoid Palestinian deaths.

It is unclear why there was such a change of tune from Adnan’s wife, but it is clear from previous accounts that the wider family are also have an affinity to Iranian backed terror groups.

A video from 2011 shows the father of Khader Adnan talking during a previous hunger strike. The father questions why Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and the then President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were silent while his son was suffering. He also lambasted both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Adnan’s father was clearly showing support for the Iranian-led terror groups but was frustrated at their lack of action.

Unfortunately, Israel has once again been attacked because the world fails to recognise the extremism of Palestinian terrorism. Media reports have painted Khader Adnan as a victim and Israel as the aggressor. When Palestinian terrorists fired rockets into Israel, the media only reported on this terrorism when Israel rightly responded to protect itself.

The world must wake up to the reality of these terrorists and the evil that is afoot. The media is playing into the terrorists’ hands when it fails to report the facts. The United Nations fails in its mission when it blames the victims while ignoring the crimes of terrorists.

We must continue to pray for Israel and speak the truth. Israel’s actions are protecting the lives of Israelis and Palestinians. While the Palestinian leadership, including the Palestinian Authority, do nothing to help their people and only harm the efforts towards peace.

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