A ‘Convoy for Palestine’ from several UK cities will be traveling to London this weekend prompting concerns about a repeat of the sickening anti-Semitic scenes witnessed in parts of London in May. 

Police have been informed after organisers announced that the convoy will travel from Bradford via Sheffield and Leicester to the capital on Saturday, as it joins up with the ‘Justice for Palestine Protest’ outside Number 10 Downing Street, at 1pm.

On 16 May, Palestinian activists were filmed driving through the London borough of Golders Green screaming “F*** the Jews, rape their daughters”. The convoy was also drove through other boroughs with large Jewish communities. Four were arrested in the city of Bradford over the incident.

Concerns have been raised about the route it will take through London, as members of the community go to and from synagogue on Shabbat, with the plan being labelled a ‘hate convoy’ by some.

'Convoy For Palestine' activists are planning a trip to London on Saturday in male and female segregated buses

Dave Rich, Director of Policy National at Community Security Trust, told MailOnline: ‘The practice of cars flying flags through Jewish neighbourhoods in London and elsewhere as a means of intimidation has become commonplace over the past month and it has to stop. 

‘The last time this particular convoy came to London it caused huge outrage and we have already received several calls about this weekend from Jewish people who are extremely alarmed and fearful. The impact on the Jewish community is enormously damaging and it would be better for all concerned if this convoy doesn’t happen.’ 

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said, ‘We are aware of the planned convoy and are gathering intelligence to ensure a proportionate policing plan is in place.’  


in support of a National Holocaust Memorial next to Parliament

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