A Palestinian teenager from Nablus has been arrested by Israeli security forces after a shooting attack on two Israeli men at close range.

The attack took place on Tuesday in Jerusalem with video footage showing a teenager walking up to a car armed with a gun and shooting the two people inside.

The suspect is just fifteen years old and a resident of the Palestinian town of Nablus in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The military said the teen was detained during a raid in Nablus, less than 24 hours after the shooting, and that he had been transferred to the Shin Bet for questioning. There were no reports of injuries during the operation.

The victims of the attack were two Jewish men who were sitting in their car on the way to morning prayers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

The son of one of the victims, Moshe Yosef Hass, said his 60-year-old father and the second victim initially thought somebody had thrown rocks at the vehicle.

“He did not understand what happened. He thought they threw two stones at the car, but then they started to feel terrible pain and realized that they were shot,” Menashe Hass told the Ynet news site. “My father is not one of those people who gets involved in security tensions. For years he has prayed every day at the tomb of Simeon the Just.”

It is shocking to think that just a few weeks ago three Israeli women were murdered, one of them being a 15-year-old child, by Palestinian terrorists. This week, a 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist was the one who attempted to murder two Jewish men.

Palestinian terror groups have long incited their people to carry out murderous attacks against the Jewish people. They have no morals, they are willing to murder Israeli children and they are willing to use Palestinian children to carry out their evil schemes.

Let’s continue to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. These victims were two men simply on their way to pray in Jerusalem at a site they had prayed at for years. They were not a threat to anyone, let’s pray for the full physical and emotional healing.

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