“We are at the ends of the earth, and you are at the center of the earth,”

Fiji has announced that it will open an embassy in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, next year.

Fiji’s deputy prime minister confirmed on Monday after the country’s Prime Minister announced to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

It comes as hundreds of Christians arrived on a flight from Fiji to celebrate the annual Feast of Tabernacles.

“The commitment is there from the leadership,” Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka told JNS. “We are really keen to see that happen as soon as possible.”

“Our desire to have an embassy in Jerusalem is very strong,” said Gavoka, “We as a people feel very close to the descendants of Abraham and want to connect with Israel in its entirety.”

He said that the inauguration of the embassy, which is expected in early 2024, will bring Jerusalem closer to the Pacific. “We are at the ends of the earth, and you are at the center of the earth,” Gavoka said.

Last week, more than 250 Christian pilgrims from Fiji arrived in Israel on the first chartered flight between the two countries, to take part in the Feast of Tabernacles.

Five countries currently have their embassies in Israel’s capital: the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo and Papua New Guinea. Paraguay, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo have also announced their intention to open embassies in Jerusalem.

Most foreign countries situate their embassies in Tel Aviv, which is not Israel’s capital. Many also have a discriminatory policy towards Israel, such as the United Kingdom. The UK has an embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv, but has a consulate to the Palestinians located in Jerusalem. Shamefully, the British government is giving acknowledgement to the Palestinian’s false claim over Jerusalem while ignoring Israel’s legitimate claim.

We disagree with this policy and are urging the UK government to move the UK embassy to Jerusalem. If you would like to support Christians United for Israel UK (CUFI UK) in this, please go to: https://cufi.org.uk/Jerusalem