The BBC has broadcast folksongs that glorify terrorism against Israelis and a holy war for Jerusalem on its BBC Arabic language channel.

The shocking story comes from media watchdog Camera Arabic which provided a video translation.

The musician sings: “The force in your hand is your right. Don’t leave your weapon in its sheath… From the Jerusalem mountains and from the plain, your blood, should it be shed on the earth, would make red freedom bloom.”

And: “We were dispossessed, but by Allah, we did not forget Jerusalem and Ramallah… From Acre to Gaza to your deep valleys, from the Mediterranean Sea to your mountains, we do not forget your soil, by Allah.”

The song clearly highlights all of Israel and mentions blood being shed for freedom to bloom. It is an outrageous song that calls for terrorism against Israel and the murder of Jews.

The performance was aired on the BBC Xtra series to mark “Nakba Day” in May. The BBC presenter clearly enjoys the hateful song being sung to him.

This is not the first time Palestinians have glorified terrorism on the BBC.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Another song, which tells the story of a militant knocking on his mother’s door before he launches an attack, was broadcast in October on an Arabic version of Loose Women called Dunyana, or “Our World”.

The guest presenter, Mira Sidawi, who sang the song as guests clapped along, was billed as being from “Palestine”, a highly politicised move that contravenes BBC guidelines, as there is no such state.

In January, Ms Sidawi had presented a segment on Middle Eastern cooking in which she claimed that Israel had no cuisine or culture apart from what it “takes from the original peoples”.

The government’s former anti-terror czar, Lord Carlile, said the material was likely to “give succour and encouragement to extremists”, raising further concerns about the role of BBC Arabic in fomenting unrest across the Middle East.

Neither of the songs or the statements, all of which appeared to openly contravene the publicly-funded broadcaster’s guidelines on impartiality and accuracy, were challenged on air.

After being contacted by the JC, the BBC removed the offending episodes from its social media accounts, though despite ongoing conversations, the corporation has not admitted that guidelines were breached.

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