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The Impact on the UK Jewish Community

CUFI Interviews Steven Jaffe

21 May 2021

Col Richard Kemp reveals the TRUTH about the Israel-Gaza conflict

CUFI Interviews Richard Kemp

18 May 2021

CUFI Interviews Christina Jones of the Centre for Scotland and Israel Relations

CUFI Interviews Christina Jones

24 Oct 2020

“Sukkot explained”

CUFI UK Interviews Steven Jaffe

8 Oct 2020

The Importance of the Christian-Jewish Relationship

CUFI UK Interviews Steven Jaffe

17 May 2020

CUFI UK interviews Vivian Aisen from the Israeli Embassy in London

CUFI UK interviews Vivian Aisen

29 Apr 2020

CUFI interviews Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, about current situation in the UK

CUFI UK interviews Mark Regev

30 Nov 2019

How CUFI is taking a bold stand for Israel in the UK – with Des Starritt

CUFI interviews Des Starritt