Christians United for Israel is encouraging Christians to express support for Israel and give Prime Minister Netanyahu a warm welcome, ahead of his visit to the UK on Wednesday. The Israeli PM will be attending a series of top-level meetings with politicians and Jewish leaders, including his British counterpart David Cameron, and CUFI has two ways supporters can take the opportunity to show solidarity.

The visit comes despite a petition calling for Mr Netanyahu’s arrest for war crimes, a claim opponents base on Israel’s defensive actions in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Having now passed 100,000 signatures, a parliamentary debate could be triggered on the issue. Such an arrest is impossible in the UK as foreign leaders and ministers have diplomatic immunity from arrest, however the publicity stunt is designed to polarise the public against Israel and put pressure on politicians to distance themselves from Israel.

CUFI believes it is very important this anti-Israel attack is countered by all those who support Israel.

Des Starritt, Executive Director of CUFI-UK says, “The anti-Israel lobby in the UK are doing all they can to demonise Israel and their elected leader Benjamin Netanyahu but their claims and hate filled rhetoric are without substance. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the UK should be fully supporting Israel as our only hope for security and stability in the region. We welcome PM Netanyahu to the UK and are pleased that PM David Cameron and our Government recognise who our true friends are.”

CUFI has invited supporters to email David Cameron to demonstrate that Christians are prepared to speak out in support of Israel and encourage him in his meeting with the Israeli PM.

CUFI is also joining other pro-Israel organisations in a rally of solidarity for Israel outside Downing Street on Wednesday in response to anti-Israel activists expected to protest the Israeli PM’s visit.