Does your church have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people? We invite you to become a CUFI Associated Church and join a growing network of churches that are standing with Israel.

We believe that Britain’s stand with Israel begins with the church. Your church’s partnership with CUFI enables us to make a real difference in our nation. Furthermore, CUFI would like to support you and your congregation in making a strong stand for Israel in your community.

What we provide:

• Access to our online church portal, offering a range of digital resources, including recommended videos, PowerPoints, print-outs and downloadable publications, and more.
• Regular printed materials sent to your church, including copies of our free quarterly Torch magazine.
• A special resource pack and framework to enable you to hold a CUFI Sunday (Available September 2019).
• A complimentary copy of “Whose Land?” DVD
• An Associated Church membership sign
• Weekly CUFI Prayer Network emails.
• 10% Discount at the CUFI online store for all church members.
• Additional support from CUFI to strengthen your church’s stand with Israel.

What we ask:

• Pray regularly for Israel and the work of CUFI.
• Assign an “Ambassador for Israel” who acts as a main contact point between the Church and CUFI.
• Support for CUFI campaigns by encouraging individuals in your church to get involved.
• Hold a CUFI Sunday once a year in your church using our available pack.
• Membership is free, but please consider supporting financially by holding an annual offering or setting up a regular gift.